Photography by  David Noles , Hair and Make Up by  Anna Malskaya

Photography by David Noles, Hair and Make Up by Anna Malskaya

Marissa launched Lightseed Entertainment, LLC, in the summer of 2019. Lightseed Entertainment focuses on producing projects for Film, Television and Theatre that shine a light on the “seed” of society’s toughest issues, namely trauma, and pointing the way towards healing and effective change, all while providing first-rate entertainment. Be sure to follow Lightseed Entertainment on Instagram and Facebook.

Contact Marissa if you are interested in her coming on as a producer, writer or director for your project.

Brand consulting and logo design by Fury Enterprises

Brand consulting and logo design by Fury Enterprises


In addition to Marissa’s work as a performer, with a heart for telling stories that create positive change in society, she has recently ventured into producing, writing and directing as well.

Silk, which she co-wrote and executive produced with Healing TREE and which will hit the festival circuit in 2020, is directed by John Magaro (The Many Saints of Newark, The Umbrella Academy, Carol, The Big Short) and stars Fran Kranz (The Cabin in the Woods, Much Ado About Nothing), Louisa Krause (Billions) and Crista Marie Jackson (The Greatest Showman). Gifted aerialist Cara falls hard for Sol, the lighting designer on her upcoming high-stakes solo show. When safety and communication issues plague rehearsals, Cara begins to doubt her perceptions and grows more and more dependent on Sol. With the outside perspective of good friends, Cara is forced to consider that her anxiety and growing insecurities have been planted in her mind by Sol in an effort to control her. This short narrative is a nod to the classic Oscar winning film Gaslight.

Mass, which she is co-producing and which is shooting in late 2019, is written and directed by Fran Kranz (The Cabin In The Woods) and stars award-winning actors Jason Isaacs (the Harry Potter film series, The Patriot), Reed Birney (Tony-winning actor of The Humans, House of Cards), Martha Plimpton (Emmy and Tony nominee, Raising Hope, Running on Empty) and Ann Dowd (Emmy winner, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Manchurian Candidate, Garden State). In a small church somewhere in America, the parents of a school shooter meet the parents of one of their son’s victims years after the attack. A conversation ensues, one that this country is having and not having.

Marissa is also the executive producer of an Untitled Healing Trauma Documentary which is in development and will have voice over by Charles Baker (“Skinny Pete” of Breaking Bad and El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.) This feature-length documentary will examine the public health crisis that is trauma and what can be done about it. Additionally, she is producing and co-directing a PSA written by Jessica Mastro for Healing TREE.