Photography by  David Noles , Hair and Make Up by  Anna Malskaya

Photography by David Noles, Hair and Make Up by Anna Malskaya


Marissa is an advocate as well as an artist and is passionate about merging the arts and advocacy, seeing the arts as both a healing tool and a platform for positive change. She is the founder of the nonprofit Healing TREE (Trauma Resources, Education & Empowerment), which is dedicated to transforming how society responds to abuse and interpersonal trauma. Additionally, she is a national and keynote speaker, giving educational and inspirational speaking engagements including workshops, trainings, Continuing Education Units, breakout speeches and keynotes on abuse, trauma and healing at college campuses, medical clinics, residential treatment facilities and conferences across the country.

My Story

To read the story behind Marissa becoming an advocate for healing trauma, click here. To read a recently published blog by Marissa on the 10 year anniversary of leaving the situation that inspired the founding of Healing TREE, click here.


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